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Liechtenstein: Home to PLEXUS Investments

Do you wish to outsource your investment officE in an efficient, competent and confidential way?

Since 2006, we have been providing asset management services that meet our clients’ needs with competence and reliability.

São Paulo/Brazil: Regular on-site research destination for PLEXUS

Would you like to professionally invest your assets in a diversified, risk-adjusted and long‑term manner?

PLEXUS manages its clients portfolio's along the lines of successful US endowments.

Yale University/USA: At PLEXUS, we follow the successful investment strategy of the Yale University endowment.

Would you like PLEXUS to be your personal investment office, meeting the highest standards?

We pride ourselves to be innovative, independent and client centric – and we have a strong track record managing exclusive high quality mandates.

Hong Kong/China: On-site research destination for PLEXUS in 2019

Understanding clients, solving problems, earning trust

PLEXUS Investments develops and manages long-term asset management mandates – professionally, individually and with high motivation. We started working for a select and exclusive client base in the year 2006. And since 2019, we have been opening up to other clients in the German-speaking area.

Our services include long-term asset allocation, investment manager selection, portfolio implementation and continuous monitoring. We follow the example of successful endowments of elite universities in the US, such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford. As a client, you reward us based on volume and success – and with the greatest asset of all: your trust in us.

Details on what you can expect from us

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Details on what you can expect from us

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The value of your trust in us

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The value of your trust in us

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Traditional values, high motivation, new ideas

If you are looking for an investment office that counts consistency, discretion, integrity, loyalty and trustworthiness among its core values, PLEXUS Investments is the right partner for you. We live these values every day.

At the same time, we see it as our obligation to preserve and increase your assets over the long term with investment ideas that are 100 per cent tailored to your needs and sometimes even rather unusual.

The founder of PLEXUS, Günter Jäger, on trust as a foundation for long-term successful client relationships, and his company philosophy.

The endowment investment approach, special solutions in the low interest rate environment and special topic “Artificial Intelligence”.

About PLEXUS’s global investment network and rewarding research trips to promote the long-term, stable development of client assets.

The PLEXUS team has been managing exclusive asset mandates since 2006. In 2019, we actively – and carefully – started to open up to new clients. Find out more about our core team here.

PLEXUS Investments

Connected through trust.