Alternative investments

in a low interest

rate environment

Attractive alternatives to government and corporate bonds.

Attractive alternatives to government

and corporate bonds.

Zurich/Switzerland: An important financial center for PLEXUS clients

Finding the best possible strategies

Low interest rates have become a permanent feature. Because most government and corporate bonds no longer offer acceptable risk adjusted returns, we offer our clients access to attractive investment alternatives. Alternative Credit (liquid) and Private Debt (illiquid) are particularly lucrative investment forms. These allow interest income to be generated in relative independence of economic and interest rate cycles. However, the range of strategies is wide, as are the risk-reward ratios. Our strength is identifying the right managers to reach our clients long term goals.

To our clients at PLEXUS, we recommend a diversified portfolio of strategies and managers matching their investment goals. The following chart illustrates the disperse risk-return profiles of different investment strategies:

Entrusting skilled experts with the portfolio implementation

When choosing managers, our clients benefit from PLEXUS’ global network, which has been built for over 20 years. We have been performing deep dive research in this specific segment since 2012 and have evaluated over 250 investment managers and their strategies. Our extensive experience allows us to recognize the profile and attributes of successful investment managers.

The investment managers we select for our clients are among the best in their respective field and are crisis tested. In the case of private debt managers for example, the managers deeply understand the business models of the companies they extend loans to and conduct regular stress tests on the companies receiving the loan. They also ensure that each loan is adequately secured with suitable collateral, attach equal importance to interest payments and loan repayments, and have exit strategies in place in case certain expectations remain unfulfilled despite their best due diligence.

Successful investment process for many years

The system with which we monitor our clients’ investments has proven successful in practice.

This process consists of 6 steps:


Definition of investment criteria


Quantitative analysis


Qualitative analysis


Decision to allocate




Decision to exit

We keep pace with the latest industry developments and trends for our clients and are in constant contact with market participants in order to integrate new findings into our processes. Quality assurance in the interest of our clients is one of our top priorities.

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