Long-term investment strategies require a high degree of trust.

Long-term investment strategies

require a high degree of commitment and trust

Thinking and acting in the interest of multiple generations

Dear Investors,

Please allow me to make a few personal comments: Wealthy individuals and institutions – especially entrepreneurs, endowments, family offices and pension funds – think and act in the interest of multiple generations. Intelligent and thoughtful long-term investment planning and execution are key for securing a sustainable future. Over the past 20 years some of the leading US university endowments have succeeded in achieving these long-term investment goals. Most prominently, here is the USD 30 billion Yale university endowment led by David F. Swensen, which has yielded an average annual return of more than eight percent.

PLEXUS has been following the US endowment model and seeks to provide its clients with investment solutions guided by its investment principles. I believe that some of the key drivers for the success of the endowments investment approach are its long term investment horizon, its skillset to invest in illiquid strategies and the ability to build a network of long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

Guenter Jaeger, Founder and CEO of PLEXUS Investments

Long-lasting strategy and contacts

Clients trust PLEXUS – because our team continues to earn their trust. Every single day we go above and beyond on behalf of our clients. Trust is the “hardest currency” in asset management and trust is the basis of our business.

As are:

PLEXUS clients appreciate the continuity of the PLEXUS team and its investment approach: I have been successfully practicing US endowment style investing for more than 20 years – and since 2006 with PLEXUS Investments.

Transparent investment expertise at all times

Stability and transparency nurture trust, which is why our clients have access to our entire investment expertise and network of experts.

PLEXUS seeks to fully understand and articulate its clients goals in order to execute investments successfully. For PLEXUS every client is a partner with whom we develop a shared vision – anchered by integrity, loyalty, and trust.

We look forward to continue to earn our clients’ trust and to help them succeed reaching their long-term investment goals.


Yours sincerely

Guenter Jaeger


Guenter Jaeger, Founder and CEO of
PLEXUS Investments

Günter Jäger, Founder and CEO of
PLEXUS Investments

PLEXUS Investments

Connected through trust.